My Dark Mori Style and Lifestyle Checklist ^^


  1. Wants to look like a witch or a dark fairy from the woods

  2. Likes to wear Dark, dusty colours, but also jewel and earthy tones.

  3. All white outfits can be pretty for a ghostly look.

  4. Vintage clothes are a must

  5. Antique, used or ragged laces and silks

  6. Flowers, Leaves, feathers, or antlers make pretty headpieces.

  7. Natural stones, bones, taxidermy and silver jewelry is best.

  8. Leather accessories (belts, pouches, cuffs, corsets…)

  9. Anything Furry could work

  10. Knitted Items, Handmade is best

  11. Layering is the key,

  12. Medieval, Victorian, Folklore and 1920’s inpirations

  13. Ethnic Clothes

  14. Hats. Big, quirky and always decorated.

  15. Floral patterns and animal prints

  16. Might have some Lolita or Steampunk inspiration

  17. Helena Bonham Carter is a great style icon.

  18. Dramatic silent movie make up, tribal paints or very natural look works fine.

  19. Legwear is fun to experiment with. Wearing stripey socks can add to the traditional witchy look

  20. Can look flirtacious, seductive at times. Corsets are welcome for this look.

  21. Crushed velvet

  22. Prefers Dresses and Skirts, longer the better.

  23. Shawls, ponchos and hoods.

  24. Laced up boots, pointy shoes, victorian heels and clogs.

  25. Braided hair, messy curls, or dreads are good hairstyles.


  1. Likes anything spooky or creepy

  2. Collects oddities

  3. Might be attracted by witchcraft and esoterism

  4. Might tend to have a « natural »lifestyle

  5. Believes in Fairies, and Spirits

  6. Crafty Girl

  7. Has a familiar/pet, and most likely a cat or rats.

  8. Rather solitary girl,kind of an introvert

  9. Might prefer Dark Music scenes, from traditional goth, ambiant to Black Metal.

  10. Likes Tribal Fusion Dancing

  11. Strangeness over Prettiness

  12. Loves books. Old Bookstores are a favourite place.

  13. Somewhat rebellious, strong willed and free-spirited, but still Lady Like

  14. Romantic, Melancholic

  15. Might have little quircks, superstitions

  16. Loves Tea

  17. Folklore, Fairytales, Legends and Myths from the North are favourites, but might like Oriental cultures as well.

  18. Loves antiques.

  19. Thrifting is a favourite activity

  20. Always thinks « warm and cosy »

  21. Might be a bit messy, but always with style

  22. Might drink alcohol on occasions. Mead and spicy wines drunk in a horn, or strong alcoholin a pretty flask.

  23. Collects bottles and fiols

  24. Likes to take walks in the Forest, after the rain, at dusk or event at night.

  25. Preraphaelites, Arthur Rackham, William Bouguereau or Brian Froud are favourite artists.

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